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Creating the Perfect Wedding Day-Of Timeline

  • Layout – How to begin creating your timeline
    • You can begin creating your timeline once the date is set and the venue is booked! As you book vendors, you can plug in the key details of each contract making sure the day is building out the way you want.
    • Minimize the gap of time between ceremony and reception. If you can’t offer them ideas local to your ceremony or reception space (local markets, live music, bar scene, complimentary museum tickets, etc)
  • Tools – Excel/google sheets
    • To an extent online sample templates helpful. can be helpful.  But it is best to take the templates as inspiration because every event is unique.
  • What to include
    • Absolutely everything!! This is the holy grail to your day. The more design and logistical detail added the better.
  • Who gets a copy
    • Primary vendors should receive a copy. This will give them a snapshot of the day. IE: they won’t keep coming to you with questions!
    • DO NOT share your timeline with your bridal party.  Instead, create a smaller timeline specifically for them to avoid confusion. Things such as hair/makeup start times, transportation, photos, ceremony arrival and conclusion.
    • Timeline very much affects the band!  Work in ‘band breaks’ strategically. If you have a special dance with your girls or something traditional that is only played on an ipod, set it up to play while the band breaks for water.
  • Tips to stay on track
    • Build in 5min buffers throughout your timeline
    • At the absolute latest you can wait about 3-4 weeks out to create your timeline. Vendors need confirmations on timeline about 2 weeks from your event date.
    • Minimize the gap of time between ceremony and reception. If you can’t offer them ideas local to your ceremony or reception space (local markets, live music, bar scene, complimentary museum tickets, etc)
    • Feed your guests! Try to serve the first course to your guests within the first 30 minutes of the main reception. If you have many, many toasts, spread them throughout the night. It’s a long day, and your guests are hungry.
    • If using transportation, ofer loops at the end of the night starting 1.5 hours prior to the conclusion.
    • Keep it coming. After Party or Late Night Bites are a guest’s best friend. Come 10pm, they are hungry for snacks, sliders, fries and more. Keep it simple so they can stay on the dancefloor!
  • Who owns it
    • Your Wedding Planner is the ultimate owner of your timeline!


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