Pittsburgh Wedding Podcast | Where to Begin & Finding your Inspiration

Where to Begin with Wedding Planning & Finding your Inspiration

Advice for a newly engaged couple:

  • DO NOTHING!  Engagement is such a special time where you feel so much joy, excitement, and anticipation!  So for a little bit, do nothing and just enjoy the engagement!
  • Set a budget and guest list.  Do this before booking big vendors or even the date/venue!

Choosing a venue:

  • What’s your vibe? Do you want a country or city wedding?  The good news is Pittsburgh is so versatile for any style of wedding!

Creating a “Pittsburgh” wedding:

  • Provide guests with Pittsburgh Must-Dos. There are so many great attractions for out of town guests to explore over the weekend!
  • Provide guests with locally made treats.  Eat N Park Smiley Cookies, Sarris Candies, Enrico Biscotti, Pittsburgh Popcorn Company, Heinz Ketchup
  • Pittsburgh Cookie Table. Always the highlight of any Pittsburgh wedding!
  • Pittsburgh Party Crashers. Rock the Pitt Panther, Pittsburgh Parrot, Pittsburgh Peorgies etc!
  • Downtown City Photos. It’s not really a Pittsburgh engagement photo unless you have a photo taken on a bridge somewhere!  Or other iconic locations like Mount Washington, Strip District, Mexican War Streets etc

Finding your inspiration:

  • Infuse your personality into the day.  What’s something you love to do together as a couple? Let every single thing have a meaning behind it!
  • Use the details of the wedding to tell your story. For example, the bride’s grandmother always grew peonies in her garden so that’s why she put peonies in her bouquet. And the bride use signs the reception or notes in the program to share these special details with guests.

Great resources for brides:

But realize that social media can set unrealistic expectations!  And remember that vendors don’t like to recreate another wedding- make it your own!  So don’t let social media be your end all be all goal!

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