Our Approach

Wedding photography is much more than just the files or photos your purchasing. It’s really the documentation and clarity of your day. We care deeply about what we do, while some photographers just take photos, we strive to preserve moments and feelings. We want photos that not only have you looking amazing, but also convey the emotion you felt and help remind you how special the day was. We want to tell stories with your images that will last for generations.

It is an incredible honor to work with our clients on their wedding day. We don’t take the job lightly, but we do have a blast. We live for the opportunity to capture the special moments of the day and make them in essence more vivid. And it’s not just the moments. We strive to create beautiful images! We want pictures you’re proud to showcase in your home, not just because you’re in them, but because they’re visually stunning. We see every wedding as truly remarkable and this pushes us to make each picture better than the last.

Our style is a blend of beautiful portraiture with an emphasis on emotion and real moments. For example, we want you to have beautiful epic photos that you look amazing in—but we also want you really smiling or laughing in the photo. Something totally you, that brings out your personality in the images.

It should go without saying, but our clients come first, and we want to make sure you’re comfortable and enjoying yourself all day. Basically, if you’re having fun, we’re having fun, and you’re getting the best possible photos!

We look forward to working with you.

Our Photographers

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  • Michael | Principle Photographer
    I’m blessed to enjoy what I do and be surrounded with people I love. My lovely wife, and two beautiful babies are just the tip of the iceberg. I’m also a firm believer in experiences over things. Maybe that’s why I love wedding photography so much—marriage is one of the most amazing life experiences to be had!

    I’m always looking to improve and hone my craft. Therefore, I’m obsessed with reading, good podcasts, and trying to never stay comfortable. I always want my latest work to be my best work.

    When not working or spending time with the family (which isn’t often) I’m all about drinking too much coffee, convincing myself I’m a runner, getting outdoors, building relationships, and of course, good beer.

    I’m also the type of person who will listen to a song on repeat until I hate it. Take that for what it’s worth.

    3 Favorite Things on the Web
    Craft Coffee
    The Food Lab
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  • Jennifer | Baby/Kid Photographer
    I have always loved kids and there is nothing more priceless than a baby’s laugh. The opportunity to capture these tiny moments and memories before they grow up is quite a privilege. For me, it’s all about beautiful images that make you remember. Everything from how tiny and precious they are, to that one super cute thing only your little one does.
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  • Sean | Lead Photographer
    As an artist and photographer, I have been focused on creating portraits for nearly two decades. I love bringing this experience to weddings, capturing real moments as the day unfolds and crafting portraits that reflect the beauty and joy present in every wedding.

    I received my Master of Fine Arts degree from West Virginia University, and my Bachelor of Fine Arts from Seton Hill University. It was as a grad student at WVU that I met and began working with John Pascarella, and we have been photographing weddings together since 2006. Drawing from the experience of more than 10 years of photographing weddings together, we strive to bring a positive and calm presence to your wedding day—quiet and unobtrusive as your wedding day unfolds, mindful and efficient when creating your wedding portraits, capable and confident when the unexpected occurs.

    Check out Sean & John’s Gallery Here

  • John | Lead Photographer
    I’m a husband and father of 2 amazing children plus one crazy weimaraner. I received my Master of Fine Arts degree from West Virginia University and my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Youngstown State University. I have taught fine art and photography at West Virginia University, Youngstown State University, and Washington and Jefferson College. In 2006, myself and Sean Blair starting working together and we have photographed hundreds of weddings, sessions, and portraits since.

    Being able to tell a cohesive story with my imagery, no matter the subject, is always my goal. The process of creating exceptional photographs, from start to finish, is my passion. I appreciate the places that image making has taken me, and the spontaneity and challenges of every shoot.  I have had the good fortune of winning numerous awards, and I’m grateful for them all, but more importantly I believe in collaboration.

    Check out Sean & John’s Gallery Here

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  • Talia | Lead Photographer
    I am a wife and a mother. I have been blessed with a husband who is my best friend and two wonderful children who give me purpose. My adventure with photography began when God blessed my husband and I with our first child. I was inspired by everything about her. From her tiny fingers, to her toes, to her sweet little lips, I was in awe of this little child that was created and growing before my very eyes. As she grew those sweet little lips learned to pout, the toes learned to dance and the fingers to paint, inspiring me all the more to preserve these moments.

    The joy I find in photography is not only in capturing the picturesque but also the beauty of everyday life. The subtleties of how a groom reacts to his bride, or the laughter and fun that comes with being surrounded by your closest friends and family. Weddings are filled with so many moments and emotions and I strive to capture them all!

    My style is journalistic, fun, and natural. I want your images to reflect who you are, and to capture your memories and feelings in that moment, for years to come.