Pittsburgh Wedding Podcast | The DO’s and DON’Ts of Wedding Planning

The Do’s and Don’ts of Wedding Planning

Most couples only do this once, with zero experience behind them. Being the MoH or Best Man doesn’t count, folks! With or without a wedding planner, decisions are made. These decisions can often prove to be the wrong ones, only discovered too late in the game. Listen in to save yourself some grief. We promise to make it fun!

DON’T pick your vendors impulsively, just to check it off your list.

DO your research on them and please read their reviews. You are giving them a job! Interview them! You may find a great vendor, but after speaking with them or meeting them, you may realize you just don’t click. This doesn’t make you a bad person, it makes you a smart person.

DON’T guess what your vendors will cost you. You’ll be surprised what things cost nowadays and if you want quality service and products, be prepared to pay for them.

DO your research on the average costs of each vendor and prioritize your wants and needs. Potential question: Is it rude to negotiate with vendors on costs?

DON’T forget to check the citywide events schedule before picking a wedding date in a rural setting.

DO consider how your guests get from A to B when ceremony and reception are in different locations. Also consider where out of town guests are staying.

DON’T start designing your wedding a year plus out. Trends change and so will your mind. There’s no turning off social media and pinterest, so be prepared to make a decision and stick with it.

DO decide on the big ticket items first; venues, photographer and entertainment. These vendors are the last ones to book more than one a weekend. Once you’ve checked those items off the list, you can slow down on the planning.

DON’T sweat the small things. This isn’t life or death, it’s a celebration.

DON’T forget about the meaning of the event. In short, wedding planning is actually practice for a lifetime together.

DO be kind. Be patient. Wedding planning isn’t immediate and it IS a process. Why not enjoy it! You’ll get more out of your vendors, family and friends if you show how much you appreciate their help. As a result, you’ll get more out of it for yourself.

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