Greystone Fields Wedding | Anne & Bill

Greystone Fields Wedding

Anne & Bill had a beautiful wedding at Greystone Fields in Gibsonia, just north of Pittsburgh. It may have downpoured during the ceremony, but that didn’t take a single ounce of joyfulness out of Bill & Anne. The day utilized a palette of sky blue, yellow, and navy, perfect for a summer day! A fun fact about Anne & Bill they got engaged in Tokyo while on a Mario Kart tour. They were dressed up as Mario Kart characters and Bill dropped to his knee in front of the Tokyo Tower to pop the question! To pay tribute to that, they had a Mario Kart themed Photo Booth at the wedding! They were the sweetest couple who truly wanted their wedding to be a huge celebration with everyone near and dear to them. And did I mention that Anne “iced” Bill during the garter removal!?  She hid a Smirnoff Ice with the garter and Bill had to chug it then and there!

Their Story

Unofficially, both swiped right. Officially, on a really cold Tuesday in December, the couple met at the dog park near Anne’s apartment in South Side. Despite the shyness of Anne’s pup, Campbell, both Diesel and Campbell started playing. Diesel even protected Campbell from another pup! After 60ish minutes of talking, and pretending not to shiver, Bill asked if Anne wanted to go grab something to eat. So he decided to start walking her back to her apartment. Little did he know, he walked her 90% of the way, and had to go all the way back to his own car. Neither could stop smiling until they saw each other again for dinner.

Once they were done eating at Kupka’s Cafe, they went for another walk in the December cold… again. Neither can remember what was talked about or exactly where they walked, but that’s ok. It was more about the small details. Bill grabbed Anne’s hand, and Anne learned what a Yinzer actually was. After a bit, Bill walked Anne to her place, and gave her her last first kiss.

Ceremony: Greystone Fields
Reception: Greystone Fields
Wedding Photographer: Michael Will Photography
Florist: Kocher’s Flowers & Greenhouses, Bill Kocher
Cake: Oakmont Bakery
Wedding Dress: Bridal Beginnings, Essense of Australia
Hair/make Up Artist: Harmony Salon
Groom: Men’s Warehouse
Caterer: Stephens Kitchen and Catering

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