Fox Chapel Golf Club Wedding | Ashley & Michael

Fox Chapel Golf Club Wedding

Ashley & Michael may have been the most cheerful and overjoyed couples I have ever had the privilege of working with! These two were just so evidently PUMPED to be tying the knot (Just look at their faces in EVERY photo if you don’t believe me!). They were married at Fox Chapel Golf Club just east of Pittsburgh.  The day was decorated with a palette of mint, ivory, and peach accented with gold and pearl.  Their inspiration for the day was what Ashley coined “Antique Glam”, and I’d say she knocked it out of the park! The ceremony was awesome as it combined both Jewish and Christian traditions. And wait until you see their breathtaking and massive wedding cake complete with a fountain and staircases galore!

Their Story

From Ashley: We met while attending Washington and Jefferson College. I was a sophomore and he was a junior. We were both taking an education class. On the first day of classes, I forgot my pen and pencil. I needed to borrow one and he was sitting next to me, so I asked him for a pencil. After finding out I couldn’t use a pencil for class, I then asked for a pen. After class, I asked him if he could ask additional questions to the professor for me because I had to go. I gave him my number to text me the answers. Later that day, however, we met again in a math class we had together. He gave me the answers and then, later on, asked me if I would like to watch a movie together!

To propose, for weeks I had been wanting to go on a hike. So one weekend Michael gave me two options of someplace we could randomly go. We decided to go to the Delaware gap for a hike. While we were there we were walking around a pond. He stooped down to tie his shoe while I was looking at the pond.  Four months leading up to this, he had been playing a joke where he would say “I’m getting down on one knee” and then get down to tie his shoe. So when he got down to tie his shoe I did not pay any attention to him. When I turned around, however, he had a ring and asked me if I would marry him. :)

Ceremony: Fox Chapel Golf Club
Reception: Fox Chapel Golf Club
Wedding Photographer: Michael Will Photographers
Cake: Bethel Bakery
DJ: Three Rivers Entertainment
Florist: Donati Florist, Pete Donati
Hair: Wendy Vario
Make up Artist: The Pittsburgh Stylist, Ashley Jubach
Dress: Bridal Beginning, Allure Couture
Bridesmaids: Sorelle Bridal Salon

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  1. As if the living of the moment was’t amazing enough, these photos captured the two families as they received Gods blessing of the union between my Ashley and our Michael. Truly blessed.

  2. Time stands still for no one and many years can pass before an occasion brings childhood friends back together. The occasion of Ashley and Michael’s wedding did just that for me and my childhood friends and neighbors the Stadtfelds. What a beautiful wedding, couple, and occasion to bring friends together to celebrate and reminisce about how the love and numbers have grown in our lives over the years.
    Congratulations Ashley and Michael and to my friends the Stadtfelds. May your family continue to grow in love and numbers.
    Tim Urda

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