Lawrenceville Engagement Photoshoot | Julie & Blaise

Had an absolute blast shooting engagement photos with Julie & Blaise in Lawrenceville. We caught some perfect light, they laughed at my jokes (God bless them), we found a sweet bike, and there were baked goods from The Butterwood Bake Consortium—which is amazing, BTW. Needless to say, I’m super excited for their wedding next year! Enjoy the photos…

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  1. Ok…I know I’m biased because I’m the father of the bride…but these photos are gourgeous.

  2. I am smiling and crying at the same time!!! These are just gorgeous! Your happiness and love have been captured perfectly! LOVE THEM??

  3. These are so beautiful looks like a magazine advertisement you are a beautiful couple, many blessings sent your way Love Aunt Diane

  4. What a handsome couple they make. Can see they have real love for each other in these pictures.

  5. Julie and Blaise your photos show the love between the two of you. It has been a pleasure doing life with your family. Lynn & Randy

  6. Beautiful love, awesome, gorgeous, well if your day jobs get boring you both can always fall back on your modeling careers. Also My mom, Auntie Elaine would like to see Blaise’s whole gorgeous head.

  7. Beautiful love, awesome, gorgeous, when you get bored with your day jobs you both could fall back on your modeling careers.

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