Best of 2015 Engagement Photos

best engagement photos

It’s been an incredible year! So excited to share just a few of our favorite engagement photos from 2015. Narrowing these down was not easy and definitely took some time… hopefully, I’ll make it through the “best of” wedding sort!

As you can tell, I love Pittsburgh at night, giant fields, and anything in the woods. Blessed to have so many amazing clients who are game for my shenanigans and ideas. Props to everyone who froze their butt off and all of those who went the extra mile to look amazing for their pictures.

Our Best Engagement Photos

We are nothing without our clients, in fact, these pictures would just be scenery without them ;) Expect to see much more of these couples in 2016 :)

Also, if you can’t get enough engagement goodness… check out our favorite engagement photos from 2014. Enjoy!

pittsburgh engagement photos

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