Jill & Al | Erie Bayfront Wedding Photographers

Being that the closest “beach” to Pittsburgh is Lake Erie… Jennifer and I find a special place in our heart there. It is also where we “engaged“.

Erie is also known for beautiful sunsets and CrAzY weather. We were fortunate to experience them both! Jill and Al and us go way back… all the way to their engagement shoot last year, they are such sincere and genuinely nice people. Al is also a dentist (you will see some toothbrushes later) and was kind enough to give me a few tips on proper brushing. We also left with about 20+ toothbrushes. So awesome!!

Anyway. We had a blast and I even got to spend some time on a boat while Jennifer was with the ladies getting the salon shots. We were rained out in the morning, but things cleared up and it turned out to be a beautiful day! Thank you Jill & Al for sharing your day with us.

Enjoy the pictures and thank you all for taking a look!



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  1. Wow…wish my wedding photos looked that good. You guys look like models. We love you!!!!!!!!!

  2. These are fantastic! You really did a great job capturing how happy everyone was, and I LOVE the portraits of the bride & groom. That storms looks insane too. Awesome!

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