Michael || Principal Photographer

I am a people person. There is seriously nothing more inspiring than raw human emotion! That’s why I love weddings; there is all this real happiness and excitement just waiting to be documented and accentuated!

It is a huge blessing to work with people on their wedding day; it is such a special day in anyone’s life. We don’t take this job lightly, but we do have a blast. It’s an incredible opportunity to capture these memories and make them in essence more vivid.

And it’s not just the moments. We strive to create beautiful images! We want pictures you’re proud to showcase in your home, not just because you’re in them, but that they’re visually stunning.

We see every wedding as truly remarkable and this pushes us to make each picture better than the last. We are wedding photographers and call Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania our home. We can’t wait to work with you.

Jennifer || Baby & Kids Photographer

I handle all of the kid and baby photography for michaelwill photographers. In fact, we even have a special name for this side of the business… JENNIE BABIE!

I have always loved kids and there is nothing more priceless than a baby’s laugh. The opportunity to capture these tiny moments and memories before they grow up is quite a privilege. For me, it’s all about beautiful images that make you remember.

Everything from how tiny and precious they are, to that super cute thing your little one does.


Associate Photographers


Noah || Lead Associate Photographer 

Coming from an editorial background, Noah has been shooting weddings & engagements for us for a number of years. You can check out his editorial work (Noah Purdy – editorial) and wedding gallery here…

the password is “michaelwill”