Mexican War Street Engagement | Alex & Spencer

Mexican War Street Engagement

Alex & Spencer had a beautiful (& chilly!) engagement session in the city.  We started the shoot at Frick Park, and it even spit a little light snow for us!  Later we headed over to the picturesque Mexican War Streets on the North Side before heading over to Allegheny Commons Park.  Despite the cold and snow, Alex & Spencer kept each other cozy and their radiant smiles and looks of love toward one another totally warmed the day up!

Their Story

By Spencer: We first met during our freshman year of college at Clarion University. In the front row of Hart Chapel during our Intro to Education Course. Our first semester was also the first time we dated. Our teenage brains managed to get in the way at the conclusion of 2007, and we wouldn’t run into each other again for another 1o years. There were a few likes and comments on posts and photos during that decade; but, it wasn’t until Pittsburgh pulled us both into its orbit in 2016 that a dinner date was planned. Spencer will tell you that the dinner was a date. Alex will tell you that they were hanging out. Regardless, each day turned into a new text, which turned into a few miles on the car and long conversations about anything… about everything. And with each day that passed, it was evident that each new day should be spent together.

Alex: After Spencer and I had parted ways during our freshman year, it was about ten years until we saw one another again. Spencer and I had stayed in touch loosely through social media, so when I saw that he was playing gigs at some of my favorite Pittsburgh hangouts, I reached out to him. We hung out, but it took me some time before I really let him in. He was patient with me though, and throughout the first few months, I started to realize that I wanted to spend more and more time with him because the days when we were together felt better than the days we weren’t. Eventually, this led to me sharing dairy products with him (which is a big deal for me because sharing dairy with people is generally pretty gross) and more importantly, it led to “I love yous”. We did a lot of growing in the decade we were apart, and I feel like that growth is what helped us to recognize this for what it is. This is the real deal.



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