South Side Engagement | Shelby & Tom

South Side Engagement

Talk about a power couple—Shelby and Tom were one of the most enjoyable couples to spend the evening shooting! We explored South Side (where they actually met!) and found some beautifully vibrantly colored locations. They then changed into more formal attire and we explored Pittsburgh parking garages and the luminous city lights. These two will be tying the knot in 2019 at the Omni William Penn Hotel, so stay tuned!

Their Story

From Shelby- Both Duquesne students, we met at the Duquesne-favorite bar Mario’s in the South Side. I wasn’t going to go out that night (I had $9 in my bank account), but a friend convinced me otherwise.

Tom and his group of friends approached us at the bar that night. Despite hitting it off the first time around, I left that night without giving Tom my number. The very next week we ran into each other at the same place! He got my number that time and we began dating. Despite never crossing paths, Tom and I found out that we had several mutual friends when he invited me to a party on Mt. Washington. In case the party was uncomfortable, I brought a few girlfriends along with me. When we arrived, it turned out to be a party with several of our sorority sisters and other close friends from school.

Tom and I were together for about four years when he proposed. We had talked at length about getting married and went to go look at rings together. The proposal came about nine months after we looked at rings, so I was getting a little anxious. I was constantly looking for signs that a proposal was coming (family coming into town, friends acting strange, etc.), and I was convinced it would happen on a weekend. You can imagine my surprise then when Tom proposed as I was coming home from work on a Wednesday. He had taken the day off for what he told me was a mental health day, when he actually went to go pick up the ring. Tom proposed in the privacy of our home and we went out to dinner and drinks to celebrate after. It was wonderful to have that night as just the two of us before our family and friends joined in the celebration later on.


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