Downtown Pittsburgh Engagement | Monica & Devan

Downtown Pittsburgh Engagement

I had such a blast photographing Monica & Devan this past weekend in downtown Pittsburgh. These two are West Virginia residents but they made the trip up to the Steel City for their engagement session! When packing for their trip, Devan assumed Monica would be packing his clothing for the shoot. However, when they started to get dressed just an hour or so before the shoot, Devan couldn’t find his clothing (as Monica assumed he packed them himself!)  So Devan is rocking some brand spanking new clothing with freshly cut tags. Relatable, anyone?

These two were just so sweet and fun with two of the brightest smiles ever. Did I mention they met in medical school in St. Kitts!? Stayed tuned for their November wedding at the Carnegie Museum.

Also, if you’re curious the rooftop patio is at the Drury Plaza Hotel downtown! I may or may not have snagged some popcorn in the lobby during the shoot :)

Their Story

From Monica: I love that we compliment each other very well! Devan is more down to earth, stern and responsible with his significant 8-year military background. I am more fun-loving, cheerful and outgoing. Devan is strict and rough around the edges and I am relaxed and personable, always been complimented on my smile and bubbly personality! If you would pick two complete opposites to get married, it would be us. He is Hindu and very religious, I am Catholic and not so much. He loves art and 3/4 of his body is covered in tattoos, I have 1 tiny tattoo from college. Devan loves history, anything to do with WWII, whisky, and guns; where I love sunshine, rainbows, and chick flicks!

Devan originally wanted to propose to me on the Gate Way Clipper during an Italian opera event but I kinda changed my plans and ruined this for him! Lol He then talked to my mother and they coordinated a “Birthday party” for my grandmother at Atlius on the top of Mount Washington. Before dinner we went to the over look and that is where he popped the question!!

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